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Algorithmic Trading | Quantitative Development | Financial Engineering



Hello! I'm Joe.

I am a multifaceted professional in the realm of quantitative development, algorithmic trading, and data engineering, based in Chicago. I hold a Master's degree in Financial Engineering from the University of Illinois and have honed my skills across various technical domains including Python, R, SQL, Java, and Linux OS.

I excel in setting up and managing complex data workflows, particularly in Linux environments, and I'm adept at creating efficient ETL pipelines that facilitate seamless data integration and transformation.


Services Offered:

  • Quantitative Development & Algorithmic Trading:

    • Designing and implementing advanced trading algorithms that improve decision-making and market performance.

  • Data Engineering:

    • Architecting and managing ETL pipelines, ensuring data accuracy and availability for real-time analytics.

  • Linux OS Expertise:

    • Optimizing operating systems for high-performance computing and secure data operations.

  • Machine Learning & Financial Modeling:

    • Utilizing statistical models to predict market trends and enhance trading strategies.

As a top-performing freelancer on UpWork, recognized within the top 3% and awarded the "Top-Rated Plus" badge, I am committed to delivering exceptional value and precision in every project. Whether you need expert advice on setting up your trading systems, managing your data infrastructure, or developing predictive models, I am ready to help you achieve your objectives with cutting-edge solutions.

Programming Environments:

  • Python

  • R

  • Docker (Unix & Windows)


  • C++

Additionally, I offer consultation and configuration for:

  • Parallel Computing

  • Cloud Database Administration


UpWork Top Rated Freelancer

Total Jobs:  18  |  Total Hours:  585
Avg Rating:  5.0 / 5.0

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Rating: 5.0

"Joe is a 5-star provider. He made sure that we got exactly what we were looking for with our project and given the depth of his expertise also added significant value beyond our initial project design. This experience has opened up a range of new possibilities for us."

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